Add Email Account - iPhone / iPad

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Ready to make a start?
1. Select the "Settings" option form the home screen of your iPhone.
2. Once in your settings section, select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars".
3. Under "Accounts" select the "Add Account" option.
4. On the "Add Account" page select "Other"
5. Click on the "Add Mail Account" button.
6. On the "New Account" screen fill in the details of your account as indicated:
7. Once on this screen, select 'POP' and enter these details, then scroll down and fill in the 'outgoing mail server' settings. Now, select "Save". The iPhone will now attempt to automatically retrieve the server settings, however this function will not work.
8. You will then come across this screen. Click 'Details'.  
9. You should now see a screen much similar to this one. Click the 'Accept' button in the top right hand corner.

10. Your Nearly Done! You should now see your email account in your accounts list. 
11. By default the iPhone configures itself to leave messages on the server after a POP send/receive. This should generally be left as it is otherwise the message you download on your iPhone will not also get delivered to your main computer. However, this setting can be adjusted by opening the setting page for the account again, scrolling down and selecting "Advanced" and then adjusting these additional settings as required.
12. Make sure your settings in this screen look same as this image. 
13. Once you have the same on your phone, click the button top left to take you back one screen.
14. Now click on the 'SMTP' button 
15. Now click on 'Primary Server' button  
16. Make sure the 'Server Port' number is set to '26' and the other fields are set the same as this image.
 That's it, you're done!