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Customised design unique to YOU
All websites built by Website Guy are customised to suit the client. We will find out from you what you want and need and take it from there
Unlimited pages for your Website
You will have the ability to add as many content pages as you wish
Image Gallery
Your site will include a fully responsive image gallery, enabling your website visitors to see your products or services
Detailed Website Statistics
Find out which part of your website is the most popular, where you visitors came from, how long they stayed on the site etc
Contact Form

Automated 'Contact Us' form making it simple for your prospective customers to get in touch with you

Registered with Google, Bing & Yahoo
All websites from Website Guy are registered with the top 3 search engines
Registration or configuration of domain name
We will either register a new domain name for you or configure an existing domain name you may have to work with your new site
Easily edit your website yourself
Full CMS system will allow you to edit your site content if you wish to (or we can do it at no extra cost)
Internet marketing hints, tips & advice
We have been doing this for a long time and as professional Website Developers, we can advise you of the best ways to get your name out there
Ongoing, General Website Maintenance
We will update your website with content (text & images) that you send us at no extra charge (max once per week)
Hosting on high speed, dedicated servers in Australia
Don’t get fooled into thinking that all ‘hosting’ is equal! Our servers are NOT shared with other hosting companies and are fully dedicated to ‘Website Guy’ clients. Your data is backed up daily ensuring website safety that allows you to sleep at night knowing your site is in safe hands.
Ongoing, Personal support from us to you
You will be supplied with an email address and mobile phone number of our technical manager so you can call at any time to have your questions answered. Now you will have complete peace of mind that your new web presence is in good hands!
Email creation & hosting on our servers
We will create up to 15 email addresses of your choice and host them on our servers
Anti Spam Filters for your email
Our servers are covered by the same spam filters used by NASA, which cuts down on junk mail
Video enabled in your site
We can configure your site to play YouTube videos within your website - create your own commercials!
Enquiry / Booking Form

Enable your customers to make a more detailed enquiry or booking from selected drop down boxes

Search Engine Optimised
This is the process of configuring the site to appear higher in Google when anyone searches for a business like yours. This is an ongoing process that will improve where your site appears in the search results and is vital if you want more people to find your site when searching Google.
Online Shopping Cart
This will be configured in your site to accept credit cards through the PayPal portal. (visitors can pay by various methods) You will be able to add your own categories and products as you see fit. It is a fully functioning shopping cart with many features such as ‘products recently viewed’ , ‘related products’ ‘search products’ etc. And includes invoicing, orders management etc.
Events Calendar / Discussion Forum / Online Booking Components etc
Your site can have customised features such as customised image gallery, discussion forum, Calendars, Booking components and many more options customised for your business!

Social Media Modules Package


We will install and configure the top 5 social media ‘like’ buttons on your website (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google +, Linked In) so website visitors can ‘like’ and ‘link’ and 'share' your website to their own circle of friends and colleagues.

This does not mean that you have to have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google +, Linked In etc! It simply means that your website visitors who DO have those social media items can share and recommend YOUR WEBSITE!

All this for only: $250.00+gst

Please note: this package is only available to our existing or new clients.



greentickWebsite Maintenance for 12 months - INCLUDED !
greentick Website Hosting for 12 months - INCLUDED !
greentick Website support for 12 months - INCLUDED !

 So, you need things like new images added to your site? - NO EXTRA CHARGE!
Need extra email address added to the account? - NO EXTRA CHARGE!
Extra page added to promote your 'Winter Special'? - NO EXTRA CHARGE!

So, "What's the catch? " I hear you asking..... No catch at all! Here's the deal...
While ever you are one of my clients you get extra special treatment, simple as that.
Ask any of Website Guy's existing clients!

Quite simply, this means that we have VERY loyal clients for life and that's just
good business for both of us!

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